PEP® worldwide is represented globally by hundreds of professional coaches.

Every region or country has a business unit manager.

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Kerry Gleeson

PEP®worldwide Founder

Angeline Teo

PEP®worldwide Asia

Tim Darcy

PEP®worldwide Australia
Homme d'affaire Pepw

Norbert Etz

PEP®worldwide Austria

Margareta Hagstedt

PEP®worldwide Belgium & Luxembourg

Ivo Abreu

PEP®worldwide Brazil

Marina Tzvetkova

PEP®worldwide Bulgaria

Ann Searles

PEP®worldwide Canada

Michael Kongsted

PEP®worldwide Denmark, Sweden & the Baltics

Eric C. Magnusson

PEP®worldwide Europe and the U.A.E.

Bruno Savoyat

PEP®worldwide France & Switzerland

Gunnar Jonatansson

PEP®worldwide Iceland

Fabio D’Alfonso

PEP®worldwide Italy

Kathryn Anda

PEP®worldwide New Zealand

Jojo B. Holst

PEP®worldwide Norway

Beata Uytenbogaardt

PEP®worldwide Poland

Pedro Torgal

PEP®worldwide Portugal

Ana Ber

PEP®worldwide Romania

Oleg Protsenko

PEP®worldwide Ukraine

Hesham Salah

PEP®worldwide U.A.E.

Ron Hopkins

PEP®worldwide United Kingdom

Bary Sherman

PEP®worldwide U.S.A.